About Us

Who we are:

International Foundations (Education) Inc, aka IF Education is a female, minority and veteran-owned business. We are educators, family members and community activists who just want to see people succeed through education.

What we do:

IF Education offers premium, educational opportunities merging US best practices with those from successful curriculums around the world. Our distinctive educational platform empowers students, families and communities to positively contribute academically and socially.

We expose our students to a superior educational model from an early age, with proven international/regional pedagogies. We do this by promoting curricula exceeding national standards, supporting students as individuals and developing leaders who foster dynamic citizens.

Who we serve:

We serve families with students from birth through age 5, large or small, no matter where roots originate. We recognize all families may not be able to support our learning model’s cost and will work diligently to ensure a wide range of economic levels participate in our program. Our greatest desire is that our primary population come from economically disadvantaged areas.

Why we are different:

IF Education's overarching goal is to help solve the following problems:

  • Standard/sub-standard and nationally/regionally-focused education; through traditional, project and experience-based opportunities.

  • Dysfunctional, highly transient communities with ill-equipped families who lack leadership, housing self-sufficiency/sustainability; through beneficial community connections and relationships.

  • Food desert communities with increased medical issues; through agricultural concepts where they learn/apply and adopt healthy eating lifestyles and build healthy neighborhoods.

  • Lack of non-traditional childcare as more parents work evening/overnight shifts to meet financial obligations.

What we believe:

We firmly believe every student has the right to a first-rate education. This right doesn't have to be costly and can come through uncommon teaching methods.

Mission Statement

IF Education provides safe and empowering learning environments. We work to educate and nurture young leaders and transform dysfunctional communities into self-sustaining resource centers.