Remote/E-learner Support

Are you struggling with working from home while your school-aged child "completes" e-learning? Are you concerned about your kids falling behind and the shortcomings of remote learning? Has your “pivot point” petered out and devolved into a deluge of disappointing discouragement? Have we got an answer for you!

Enroll for 4-week sessions with a non-refundable deposit to secure your student’s spot. Tuition is billed weekly and is due in full no later than four business days prior to first attendance day.

Spots are limited- Get started with the request form on our website to find out more information.

In-person, remote learning support

We provide an additional set of eyes to help your learner stay on task and complete assignments, during synchronous and asynchronous times.

“Themed Days” encourage our students to be “Stars” - Smart, Team players, Always Ready to Shine!” and “Hero” - Here, Excited, Ready and On-Time

Students arrive 15 minutes before the start of their elearning day.

Sanitized location with stringent procedures to keep families safe

We provide daily cleaning with an electrostatic disinfectant cleaner, table partitions to help students stay focused while maintaining social distance and staff with PPE to keep students and all families safe. All students are temperature checked prior to admittance.

All spaces are well-ventilated and have CDC approved air purifiers

  • Spaces and materials are thoroughly cleaned using CDC recommended guidelines and materials before and after each session

  • Parents must notify us if anyone has been exposed to COVID-19 or any other communicable illness

Each student must wear masks and other appropriate protective equipment, as deemed necessary by CDC and regional guidelines

  • Each student will sit six feet apart during each session

  • Students will arrive and depart using staggered time schedules

  • Daily temperature checks will be given

    • Parents must stay until completion of the first temperature check

    • Temperature checks will be conducted prior to and at the conclusion of each session

    • If symptoms are present prior to the end of a session, students will be immediately quarantined. Parents must arrange for pickup within one hour or before the session’s end, whichever occurs first

Individual or small groups

Your student comes to us and can stay in a small group of students with similar grade levels or can receive individualized support similar to tutoring

Certified teacher checks for understanding during sessions

During online sessions, our certified teachers check and ask questions to ensure understanding and provide scaffolding when concepts need to be reinforced. We also communicate with teachers when needed to provide better academic support.

Full day or afterschool support

Students can stay for the entire school day or can come for after school sessions. We offer two, three, and five full-day packages and two, four, and six hour afterschool packages. Half-day sessions are also available. We strive to be flexible and provide creative solutions to meet your families needs.

“Art” and “STEM” activities available

We work with “Arts and Crafts by MucciWorld” to provide quality art experiences.

We also work with STEM concepts to provide “Brain Breaks” when time allows.